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Everyone wants a piece of Chance the Rapper. Why wouldn’t they? He’s on fire right now. He has perfectly branded himself as an independent artist, complete with his own gear and swag. One company tried to profit off his success nd Chano wasn’t having it.

Hostess Snacks (yes, the same company that makes Twinkies) decided to try its luck and tweeted a picture of its product with a 3 hat. If you know anything about Chance, he usually sports a fitted cap with a 3 emblazoned on front, symbolizing his third mixtape, Coloring Book. Chance noticed the Hostess tweet, especially since they had the bright idea to tag him. It read, “How good is Chance the Snacker? I’d say comparable to Apple Streusel Coffee Cakes #Hostess #ChanceTheRapper.​”

Not a smart move.

Whereas Hostess probably saw their tagline as a nod to the “No Problems” rapper, he saw a big company trying to profit off his image. He replied to them with a tweet saying, “GIVE ME MY COIN.” Their tweet has since been deleted.

The whole mishap didn’t evade the minds of Twitter, however. Of course, users defended Chance and gave Hostess a good dragging.

Good for Chance for protecting his brand. We hope other young Black artists learn from him after so many older musicians went broke because of brand theft, greedy managers and thieving business partners.


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