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Madonna on Tuesday stopped the sale of a breakup letter from ex-boyfriend Tupac Shakur after filing a request with the New York supreme court for a temporary restraining order against auction house Gotta Have It! Collectibles, The Guardian writes.

She and Tupac briefly dated in the 1990s, and he wrote the breakup letter during a stint in prison, saying, “For you to be seen with a Black man wouldn’t in any way jeopardize your career – if anything it would make you seem that much more open and exciting. But for me, at least in my previous perception, I felt due to my ‘image,’ I would be letting down half of the people who made me what I thought I was. I never meant to hurt you,” the report notes.

She also blocked the auction of a letter to John Enos, with whom Madonna also had a brief relationship, where she laments Whitney Houston‘s popularity, calling her “horribly mediocre.

The Tupac and Whitney letters, among other items, were slated to go up for auction on Wednesday, but Madonna accused Darlene Lutz, a former friend and art consultant, of consigning to auction “various items the star was unaware were no longer in her possession.”

SOURCE: The Guardian

No, She Didn’t: Madonna Called Whitney Houston ‘Horribly Mediocre’

A never before seen Madonna letter is going up for auction, and it’s sure to cause outrage… if not a riot.

The “Like a Virgin” pop singer allegedly wrote the letter to actor John Enos around 1993. She talks about how she’s been in a “foul mood lately” and is “so uncomfortable in my own skin right now.” The pop singer rants about how she feels the world is against her.

I have made so many people angry that I’m being punished and basically made to be quiet and sit in a corner, whole other less interesting and exciting people are reaping the benefits of the roads I’ve paved.”

The real kicker of the letter comes when Madge has the audacity to use the words “horribly mediocre” when referring to the late-Whitney Houston.

“It’s so unequivocally frustrating to read that Whitney Houston has the music career I wish I had and Sharon Stone has the film career I’ll never have. Not because I want to be these women — because I’d rather die, but they’re so horribly mediocre and they’re always being held up as paragons of virtue [or] some sort of measuring stick to humiliate me.”

By 1993, Madonna had released mega albums such as Like A Virgin and Like A Prayer. However, this was the year of the Erotica album and the Sex book. She was vilified in the media and many critics considered her a failure. Both projects were labeled a failure for not selling near as much as her previous work. She always had a series of movies that bombed (1986’s Shanghai Surprise, 1987’s Who’s That Girl and 1993’s Body of Evidence). Madge was clearly feeling insecure.

You can read Madonna disrespect one of the greatest singers of all time here. She has yet to respond to the letter, which was released by her former art curator Darlene Lutz. If she speaks up, she’ll have a ton of explaining to do.


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