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It seems like Usher is once again headed to court due to his alleged sexual exploits. According to TMZ, another woman has come out against the married 38-year-old singer, saying he gave her herpes without disclosing his status before they had sex.

The unnamed Jane Doe initially filed a lawsuit saying she hooked up with Usher on April 16 at her home in Atlanta. The suit said there was some heavy petting, kissing and oral sex. They eventually had intercourse to which the women says Usher wore a condom. However, when they hooked up again 12 days later, they did not use a condom.

The recent news of Usher saying he had herpes in past legal docs caused Jane Doe to reconsider her health. She initially had no knowledge of whether she was infected with the virus or not, but this didn’t stop her from suing. She filed legal docs last week, suing Usher for negligence, battery and emotional distress. She initially sought $10 million in damages.

Now, she’s gotten tested for herpes and came back positive, according to TMZ. This caused her to up her number to $20 million for emotional harm, medical bills, and punitive damages.

Usher has yet to respond to the lawsuit, the news outlet writes.


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