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R ecently released dashcam video confirms what a Black college student has claimed for the past two years–that Texas police violated her during a traffic stop.

According to lawyer Sam Cammack, this video and its images reflect that on June 20, 2015 his client, Charneisha Corley, was sexually assaulted by three deputies who “searched” her genitals for 11 minutes. 

A 21-year-old African-American, female, college student, had never had any criminal history never been in trouble,” Cammack told FOX 26 Houston News.

Vice News reported that after Corley was pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign, cops claimed they smelled marijuana and ultimately recovered 0.2 grams of pot– a misdemeanor in Texas.  But they did the absolute most to find it

One of the officers on the tape, he was talking to a passenger who was already in custody in the officer’s car and you could hear him telling that individual ‘Oh we are going to find something, even if we have to put our hands on her’,” he added.

Sadly, putting their hands on her is exactly what they did, ripping off her pants and underwear, exposing her to anyone who drove by.

This same officer body slammed Miss Corley, stuck her head underneath the vehicle and completely pulled her pants off, leaving her naked and exposed in that Texaco parking lot,” he continued.

Her lawyer adds that the police then “raped” her.

They then took Miss Corley and placed both ankles behind her ears spread eagle position and started to search for something in Miss Corley’s cavity in her vaginal area.”

When they finished after 11 “excruciating” minutes, the officers “allowed” her to get from under the car and cover up herself.

Corley filed criminal charges against the police, not surprisingly they were dismissed the very day the case was set for trial and within minutes rapidly re-presented to a grand jury, with what the DA’s office calls ‘new evidence’ which must remain ‘secret,’” FOX 26 noted.

While Harris County prosecutor Natasha Sinclair stresses that what happened to Corley was “inappropriate” and “shouldn’t have happened,” she isn’t sure if it was criminal.

I feel terrible for what happened to Miss Corley. It should never have happened and unfortunately we are in the business of prosecuting criminal offenses and though it may not be criminal, it doesn’t mean she won’t receive justice,” said Sinclair.

Corley’s lawyer stresses that Sinclair is incorrect– there was no new evidence that would justify the charges to be dropped. 

The new evidence they’re claiming they had had nothing to do with any material fact in the case,” Cammack told Vice.

He is also calling for an independent prosecutor that does not work for Harris County to be called in to investigate the case. Cammack is currently suing Harris Country in Federal Court for violating his client’s her civil rights.

Meanwhile, the officers involved have been placed on administrative duty and could be back on the streets in the near future, which is unacceptable for Corley.

They’re supposed to protect you. They’re supposed to keep you safe, not rape you. That’s how I feel. I feel like I was raped,” Corley told Click2Houston.

In 2015Corley filed a multimillion dollar civil suit that is still pending. Hopefully, this video can help re-open her criminal case. 

SOURCE: Fox 26 Houston News, Vice, Click2Houston


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