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St. Louis police allegedly assaulted one of their own following protest over the acquittal of ex-officer Jason Stockley in the 2011 murder of Anthony Lamar Smith. During mass arrests Sunday known as”kettling,” officers managed to arrest and (allegedly assault) an undercover cop, an Air Force lieutenant, a medical student, a handful of photojournalists, and two high school students, among others, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Officers claim the arrest of one of their own was a case of “mistaken identity,” the Post-Dispatch reports. On Friday, Mayor Lyda Krewson asked the director of public safety to investigate how an undercover officer became bloodied during his arrest Sunday when he was mistaken for a suspect believed to be carrying chemicals that could be sprayed on officers,the report says. The “bloodied” officer was knocked down, zip-tied, and hit three times before being arrested.

Lieutenant Alex Nelson said he was not protesting, but rather walking through his own neighborhood when he was “kicked in the face, blinded by pepper spray and dragged away,” the report says.

While the police department’s kettling tactics aren’t new, they seem to be garnering media attention because the protests moved to an area where propertied White people were affected. “I hear the police say it was their street, but it’s literally my street,” Lieutenant Nelson said. “I have coffee on that street, and I own property on that street.”

SOURCE: St. Louis Dispatch


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