The criminal trial of three white police officers charged with beating a handcuffed undercover Black detective during the 2017 protests in St. Louis is testing the so-called Blue Wall of Silence as officers have begun turning on one another.

A Black cop who got shot by a white officer in St. Louis has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city.

The FBI and federal prosecutors are examining whether St. Louis police officers violated the civil rights of protesters.

Police arrest protesters in mass in wake of Jason Stockley's acquittal for the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith.


On Sunday during mass arrests known as"kettling," St. Louis officers arrested and (allegedly assault) an undercover cop, an Air Force lieutenant, a medical student, a handful of photojournalists, and two high school students, among others, according to media reports.

Arrested protesters in St. Louis demonstrating against police brutality ironically found themselves the victims of police brutality as they were being taken into custody this week.


Some relevant data hasn't evoked nearly as much outrage as Friday's verdict that acquitted a White police officer in a Black motorist's death: Every single murder suspect in St. Louis this year is Black.


During the second wave of protests over the acquittal of Jason Stockley in St. Louis, nine people were arrested.

A St. Louis Judge found former officer Jason Stockley not guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting death Anthony Lamar Smith.