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Activists are getting paid from protests surrounding the death of Kenneka Jenkins in a suburban Chicago hotel earlier this month, according to the teenager’s mother.

“I’m ending y’all’s agendas that’s not righteous toward my child,” Tereasa Martin accused the activists in a video posted to Facebook on Sunday night.

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Martin’s claim seemingly targeted one person in particular who has been organizing daily protests outside of the Crowne Plaza hotel in Rosemont, Illinois, where Jenkins’ body was found frozen in a walk-in storage freezer on September 9.

“Who else could she have been talking about?” Jedidiah Brown asked the Chicago Sun Times during a recent interview. Brown told the Sun Times that he had raised more than $6,000 to supplement any relevant legal fees.

Still, Brown went ahead and organized a protest for Tuesday despite Martin’s calls for the demonstrations to end.

Martin’s appeal to have the protests end came as a social media chorus grew louder wondering about the status of the investigation into Jenkins’ death. The prospects of her death going unsolved like so many other black teens before her was a main concern of many on Twitter.

Jenkins’ funeral has been scheduled to take place on the South Side of Chicago on Saturday, Martin also said in the Facebook video.

Meanwhile, details of the Rosemont Police Department’s investigation into Jenkins’ death have been scarce while authorities await autopsy results. The cause of death has not yet been revealed and there is no surveillance footage of her entering the freezer. The absence of both have prompted a whirlwind of conspiracy theories, which authorities have said only slowed their investigation.

Martin has pleaded for the FBI to intervene and launch its own independent probe, but Rosemont police declined the participation of the federal agency.

See Martin’s full Facebook video below.


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