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Texas Democrat Rep. Al Green  announced on Tuesday from the House floor that he will introduce article of impeachment against President Donald Trump next week in a procedure that will force a vote.

Green, wearing an American flag designed tie, stood at a podium designated for Republicans to deliver his message, denouncing the president’s foul language to describe football players to protest racist police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem.

This isn’t the Houston Democrat’s first time leading the charge to impeach Trump. He’s felt the backlash for his earlier efforts.

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In May, he played recordings of threatening voice messages from callers who were outraged by his impeachment efforts. Some of the callers used the n-word, and at least one threatened to lynch the Black congressman.

According to The Hill, Green plans to file a “privileged” resolution, which alleges that an action violates the dignity and integrity of the House. He can force a procedural vote under House rules. However, GOP lawmakers are expected to vote against it.

Green previously joined an article of impeachment from Rep. Brad Sherman, a California Democrat. It alleged that the president obstructed justice when he fired then FBI director James Comey while he oversaw the ongoing investigation into possible collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia.

Sherman’s impeachment article accused Trump of committing “high crimes and misdemeanors.” He also described Trump as the nation’s “amateur president,” who is clearly unfit for office and unwilling to learn.

SOURCE: The Hill  


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