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When nude photos of five Louisville, Kentucky, high school students surfaced on a Russia-based website, they had no idea how they got there. After all, they were intended only for the eyes of their partners.

The teens were mystified until a police investigation in October led them to another culprit in a harsh lesson in reality–their principal, according to The Associated Press.

Lawyers for the five women last week filed a class-action lawsuit against former LaRue County High School Principal Stephen Kyle Goodlett, 37, and the Kentucky county’s school district, claiming a violation of protections against unreasonable search and seizure and violated Title IX, the federal law prohibiting discrimination based on sex in education, The AP reported.

Joseph H. Mattingly III filed for class-action status on behalf of the plaintiffs, who are identified by initials and have asked to remain anonymous, the report says. About 50 others could join the suit, which is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

Goodlett was fired in October after pleading guilty to federal child pornography charges. He reportedly admitted to a pornography addiction, and that he searched for nude images of students on confiscated phones, Department of Homeland Security Special Agent Brady Oberholtzer said in the complaint.

Goodlett’s attorney in the federal criminal case didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment. He has pleaded not guilty to 63 state child porn charges.

SOURCE: The Associated Press, the Courier-Journal


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