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Herbert Eng wants you to hate HighBlood, his new dating app replete with racist Facebook ads and income filters. His most recent Facebook ad for the app was so explicit about its racism and discriminatory stance on foreign workers that many around the world thought it may have been fake,” CNBC reports. The ad says “no banglas. no maids. no uglies… Just. Pure. Quality. Like You.” “Bangla” is a derogatory term for Bangladeshi workers in Singapore, the news outlet reports.

Kylie Teo, the app’s 20-year-old co-founder, told CNBC that outrage was the point: The ad was Herbert’s obsession with outrage marketing, he wanted people to face the controversies of society because he was rejected from society.

Eng issued an apology for his “outrage marketing” on Facebook, saying that he was sorry if anyone was offended by his March post.

A self-professed Trump supporter, Eng boasts that HighBlood is “the world’s first accountant-verified dating app with an income filter.” Income, employment, and profession will all be verified by app moderators who will check users’ pictures of personal documents like income tax, paycheck stubs, or diplomas.

Outrage over Eng’s ad hasn’t stopped people from signing up. Eng says there are over 547 subscribers, and he expects to recuperate his investment in 22 months.



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