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AWhite male Texas college student was arrested shortly after he allegedly shot a police officer in the head on campus Monday night, according to social media reports. Hollis A. Daniels reportedly shot a Texas Tech University police officer before fleeing and ultimately getting safely apprehended by law enforcement.

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Daniels, a 19-year-old freshman at Texas Tech, reportedly has a criminal background. An alleged prior mugshot quickly circulated on social media during the brief police hunt for him. Details of his reported previous arrest record were not immediately available.

The shooting was apparently prompted by Daniels getting busted in a dorm room with drug paraphernalia, according to the CBS News affiliate in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When he was taken to the police station on the Lubbock campus, Daniels reportedly pulled out a gun and shot the officer in the head before fleeing.

“I locked my doors, locked my door, I even put a couch in front of my door just in case, because, all of these cops are outside of my dorm specifically, so that was kind of freaky,” student Lainey La Rue Garner told CBS.

Texas Tech police announced that the situation was under control at 9:34 p.m. local time, nearly an hour after its initial campus-wide alert of the shooting went out. The campus was on lockdown until then. Police had advised people on campus to “take shelter in a safe location.”

The shooting came a little more than one week after another White male gunman killed 58 people when the terrorist took aim at thousands of unsuspecting concertgoers in Las Vegas on October 1. Stephen Paddock killed himself before police could arrest him from his perch in a 32nd floor suite in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort on the Las Vegas strip.

While Monday’s Texas Tech killing was not a mass shooting, White men have been responsible for the lion shore of mass killings in the U.S., Newsweek reported last week following the Las Vegas massacre.


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