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From the NY Daily News:

In Britain’s News of the World – whose editors and readers have such an insatiable appetite for sex scandals that the tabloid is fondly called “Screws of the World” – an addictions manager at North London’s Priory Clinic says declaratively of a beleaguered Tiger Woods, “I see him as ill, not bad.”

Here it comes. Amid all the sordid details of Tiger’s numerous “transgressions,” we should now prepare ourselves for a forthcoming announcement by a very somber-looking Woods spokesman, or perhaps even by the golfer himself, that Tiger is, in fact, a sex addict.

We can stop questioning his character, for this – we’re being told – is a medical issue. No less an authority than Drew Pinsky, the host of VH1’s reality show “Sex Rehab,” told “Entertainment Tonight” that “it’s safe to say that sex addiction might be part of his problem.”

Pinsky and the rest of the world are trying to help us understand what otherwise seems inconceivable: how such a rich, powerful and focused man (“and with such a beautiful wife!” some add, suggesting that ugly wives require no explanation) could risk his reputation, his fortune and his family to play the field with floozies.

We can’t let them get away with it.

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