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A mother’s quest for her 2-year-old son to undergo a kidney transplant surgery has been halted due to a conflict between the hospital and law enforcement officials, reports 10News WTSP.

Carmella Burgess’ son was born without kidneys and although his father Anthony Dickerson is a perfect match and is willing to do a kidney transplant, a brush with the law is preventing him from being able to move forward with the process, the news outlet writes.

Dickerson was slated to donate his left kidney to his son A.J. on October 3, however things took a left turn when he was arrested for violating his probation and charged with gun possession in September. According to Dickerson, following his arrest, a letter was sent from Emory Hospital to Gwinnett County Jail asking if he could be escorted from the correctional facility to the hospital so that he could have a pre-operative appointment on September 29 and they can move forward with the surgery.

According to the source, he says that after he was released, the hospital demanded evidence of compliance from his parole officer and stated that it would “re-evaluate Mr. Dickerson in January 2018 after receipt of his completed documentation.”

“Two steps closer to giving him a kidney and we got shut down, basically,” A.J.’s mother told the news outlet. “It’s about my son. He’s been through a lot. It’s like we’ve been waiting on this. And Dad making a mistake shouldn’t affect what he wants to do with our son.”

Emory Hospital refrained from specifically addressing the case due to confidentially, however, the medical facility claims that the guidelines in place for organ transplants were created to “maximize the chance of success for organ recipients and minimize the risk for living donors.”

A.J.’s loved ones told 10News WTSP that he had a stroke two months ago and has had several doctor’s appointments. If his father is barred from donating the kidney, A.J. will have to be placed on a kidney transplant waitlist, ultimately prolonging the entire process. The family believes that the hospital is making the situation about Dickerson when the primary focus should be on A.J.’s health.

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