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It seems to have flown over the head of a Texas police chief that many are angry about police brutality that, even when caught on video, goes unpunished.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Whataburger restaurant chain fired an employee on Saturday afternoon who refused to serve two Denison, Texas police officers.

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According to the police account, which Denison Police Chief Jay Burch posted on Facebook, the woman declined to serve the officers because “cops beat up my boyfriend and are racists.” The chief wrote that she also cursed at his officers, and the restaurant manager failed to discipline the worker to avoid getting “into politics.”

The Facebook post said a police supervisor went to the restaurant to hear the employee’s version of what happened. Burch wrote that the supervisor returned to the station and reviewed the arrest record. The supervisor concluded that the arrest was “routine,” and there were no reported injuries.

Burch wrote that he understands the negative sentiment about the police, but a close read of his statement reveals that he doesn’t understand–downplaying it as “rhetoric.”

“I get it, especially with the anti-police rhetoric from the national media and police-hate groups we see in the country, that many people buy into that rhetoric and dislike police,” he wrote in his Facebook post.

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According to The Morning News, Whataburger’s corporate office released a statement that said the chain “took swift action and this person is no longer employed by us,” adding that a restaurant representative apologized to the officers, and the company would provide “retraining” for the manager.

SOURCE:  Dallas Morning News


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