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When Robert and Nia Tolbert, a Black couple from Baltimore, met by chance nearly a decade ago and started dating, neither of them could have imagined where their union would take them. Ten years later—after having a son, getting married, and becoming parents to twins in 2015—the couple’s family will grow by three as they now await triplets, WUSA9 reported.

After finding out that she was pregnant, Nia, 28, assumed that she was having another set of twins but during a doctor’s visit it was revealed that she would be expecting three babies, the news outlet said. Her OBGYN Dr. Rami Tabbarah says that Nia’s pregnancy is extremely rare and that he’s only had one other similar case during his 10 years of practice.

“It’s very rare to have to twins then triplets [naturally] in the same lifetime.” Dr. Tabbarah, told WUSA9, adding that race, height, and age determine whether a woman is able to have multiples.

Hyperovulation was also a key factor in the couple’s ability to conceive multiples. Only eight out of every 1,000 Americans hyperovulate and those are the ones who end up having twins, the outlet stated.

Both Nia and Robert were initially shocked by the news, but their excitement for the arrival of their triplets continues to grow each day. “We know so many people who struggle with having children,” Nia said, according to the news outlet. “I’m excited about more little people that I can love and can love me back and then one day when we’re old a gray, they’ll take care of us,” she added.

The couple has three boys. Their eldest son is 6-years-old and their twins are 2. The Tolbert triplets—who are all girls—are expected to enter the world in March.



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