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An entrepreneur is using her business to empower more women in the Black community to practice self-care. Christina Rice, the creator of LuxeLife Media, cultivated a wellness community that is specifically designed for women of color, Forbes reported.

Inspired by her personal experiences with the stresses of being a Black woman entrepreneur, Rice was inclined to create a platform for those who needed to integrate more self-care habits into their lives. Earlier this year she launched OMNoire and hosted a retreat in October where 50 women of color from different walks of life gathered to participate in yoga classes, personal branding courses, and had the opportunity to interact with life coaches.

Rice identified a need for OMNoire because the statistics of health issues caused by burnout amongst Black women were alarming. According to the news outlet, Black women are more likely to be affected by high blood pressure, fibroids, cancer, and strokes; all of which are stress-related conditions. There is also a major lack of racial representation in the wellness community which leaves many women of color feeling ostracized. “In every studio I walked in, there would be maybe one or two women of color, but most times none at all,” Rice told Forbes. “After I started teaching, I noticed that more and more black women would seek out my classes. It was as if they felt more comfortable and supported being taught by a woman of color.”

Through OMNoire, Rice plans to host more retreats and events that serve as safe spaces for Black women to be candid about their struggles and puts the focus on Black women’s health. She also hopes that her platform can contribute to overcoming the stigma surrounding mental health and women of color. “What’s most important is defining what wellness means on your own terms,” said Rice, according to the outlet. “OMNoire is working to shape our narrative.”

There are several entrepreneurs who are creating spaces that address mental health in the Black community. Nikki Webber Allen, an entertainment executive, recently launched a nonprofit organization called I Live For as an outlet to address issues like depression and trauma in communities of color.

SOURCE: Forbes


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