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The simple but effective #AskMe T-shirt clothing line is the key piece in a movement to help people rediscover the gift of communication and end the uncivil discourse of these times.

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“No one is engaging anymore. When we look around everyone has their faces buried in a cell phone or electronic device. Looking people in the eyes when you speak is a thing of the past. It is getting to the point where engaging with others is becoming socially unacceptable. Some are even offended when you call them about something they feel was textable,” the company’s website states.

#AskMe Tees was created by Ayana Smith, who describes herself as “a mom first” and a “reformed PR strategist.” She laments the tendency of people to stereotype each other based on factors such as race, gender and religion. However, the characteristics and belief systems that seem to separate us are illusions because people share more in common than they realize. #AskMe Tees is new but already sparking meaning conversation and chipping away at the barriers.

Each t-shirt has a topic emblazoned after the hashtag—some are provocative and other create curiosity. Just pick a topic of interest to invite a conversation. Here are a few examples and what people are saying on social media:

#Feminism means something different to each woman. #AskMe why I call myself a #feminist.”


“Behold! I have uncovered the key to avoiding sexual allegations! #MeToo @askmeteeshirts #AskMe before you touch me.”


“Every movement needs allies. The perfect conversation starter for #activists of all types. #AskMe how you can support the cause.”


“Why you can’t touch my hair has already become an #AskME fave! We have loads of other unique and interesting conversation starters.”

#AskMe if I’m teaching my children that being kind is the only way to win at life. #AskMe if I was kind today t-shirt for kids.”


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