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In October, Jami Cantor,  a wardrobe stylist for the NFL network from 2006 until 2016, filed a lawsuit against NFL Enterprises in Los Angeles Superior Court. She alleged age discrimination, sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. Several people were named in the lawsuit, including Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, and Heath Evans. All three of them have been suspended.

Warren Sapp was mentioned in the lawsuit but he is not a defendant. However, Cantor claimed that Sapp gave her sex toys as Christmas gifts, showed her nude pictures of women he allegedly slept with and urinated in front of her. Warren decide to respond and it didn’t go over well.

First, he went on a radio show this morning and told host Andy Slater, “Ain’t no #MeToo. There’s no sexual harassment. No way, no how. I was raised better.” He added, “I didn’t urinate in front of anybody. And if I walked in a bathroom with you, you would walk out. Any human being on earth would walk out.’’ And as far as the sex toys, he claims “makeup ladies’’ at the network asked him to bring them novelty lipstick and eyeliner. Warren said, “It wasn’t about sex” and Cantor wasn’t even the room.

Warren’s defense didn’t stop there. He also headed to Twitter — never a good place  to defend yourself against any accusations — showing the sex toys he gave away. See the foolishness below:

Yep, you read that right. Warren wrote, “I’m sorry thought they was cute!” Then, he posted another tweet with same photo and the caption, “Now you’re thinking about sleeping with me!?” Mr. Sapp was dragged all over  the Internet, see below:

Mr. Sapp better be careful, he is not a defendant now, but a quick filing could change everything.

 SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times,


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