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Cam Newton Is A Fan Of  Diddy Buying Carolina Panthers?

Sean Diddy Combs would have the approval of Cam Newton if he chooses to buy the Carolina Panthers from owner Jerry Richardson. The quarterback has always “looked up to the mogul,” he told reporters Wednesday, according to ESPN‘s David Newton.

But would Newton also be okay with Diddy bringing in Colin Kaepernick to play? Yes, the quarterback is open to hitting the field with Kaep. Newton’s enthusiasm for the potential deal with Combs and Kaepernick comes after Richardson announced Sunday he plans to sell the Panthers at the end of the 2017 season. Allegations of inappropriate behavior and comments directed toward team employees by Richardson were made, Sports Illustrated reported.

Pittsburgh Fire Highlights Violence Against Black Women

A deadly fire ripped through a Pittsburgh home Wednesday, leaving two women and one 4-year-old girl dead, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. Arson is suspected as one man reportedly claimed responsibility for the blaze, saying he set it in retaliation for a fistfight outside an area nightclub, police said. The man said he ignited the fire after being beaten by a man who lived at the home.

“Yep, yep, I did it. They shouldn’t [mess] with me,” 41-year-old Martell Smith said repeatedly as he watched firefighters battle the blaze about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, a witness said to police.

The man who the suspect was looking to punish was not there when the fire began, cops said. The man’s mother, Sandra Carter Douglas, 58, was at the home and was killed by the fire. The man’s girlfriend, Shamira Staten, 21, and her daughter, Chy’enne Manning, who both lived in the house, were also killed. Douglas’ husband, Cecil Douglas, 58, escaped through a second-story window, jumped and broke his ankle.

Police arrested and charged Smith with multiple counts of homicide, arson, and endangerment Thursday.

Michigan Cops Who Held Girl At Gunpoint Escape Charges

The Michigan police officers that recently held a screaming and scared 11-year-old African-American girl at gunpoint and handcuffed her outside of her home during a search for a murder suspect will not face any discipline, The Associated Press reported. Honestie Hodges, her mother and her aunt were held by a Grand Rapids officers on December 6 in an incident captured by a body camera. After an internal investigation of the incident, police found the officers didn’t violate department policy, the Grand Rapids Police Department said in a news release Wednesday.

The footage was “nauseating,” but the officers followed protocol, Police Chief David Rahinsky said. “What that doesn’t mean is that we don’t recognize that there is a need for us to look at what occurred and identify opportunities here to ensure different outcomes in the future,” he said. Cops will receive better training and better supervision as part of a multi-step plan that will includes a “Honestie policy,” guidelines on how officers should properly interact with children.

The NAACP wants more work to be done after the terrifying encounter. The civil rights group wants to have a meeting with unions representing Grand Rapids officers to demand that police “know better” and “do better,” Cle Jackson, a NAACP official, said Tuesday.


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