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Shanae Cross rolled her eyes and shook her head when Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson called on Friday to apologize personally for his officers mistakenly raiding her Southside home, The Chicago Tribune reported.

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“This is Christmastime. You kicked down my door. The number is there in front of the home,” Cross, 34, told the cops who busted in on Thursday night.

Moments before the raid, Cross’ mother, Jennell Cross, sat comfortably, snuggled in a leather couch, and ready to watch a movie when she heard the first loud bang on the front door. She ran to her daughter to warn that someone was trying to break in. But it turned out to be the police. They knocked down the door, rushed in with guns drawn and tried to handcuff Cross’ 17-year-old brother. When Shanae Cross demanded to see their paperwork, the cops pulled out a no-knock search warrant. The only problem was that they were at the wrong house.

“Get ya’ll (expletive) and get out my house,” Shanae Cross recalled yelling at the officers, who complied. The family, on edge, stood guard of their home that night, fearful that a criminal would take advantage of the broken door.

The next day, Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi called the police raid “inadvertent” and extended the department’s “deep regrets.” He vowed to expedite repairs to the door. But for the family, apologies and repairing the door are not enough. They’re sharing on social media the trauma they’ve experienced from the ordeal. A hashtag has been launched, ‪#‎justice4thecrossfamily,‬ to call for justice for Jennell Cross. She is hospitalized with seizures since the police busted into their home with guns drawn, according to the social media post.

SOURCE:  Chicago Tribune


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