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Umar Johnson is the self-proclaimed Prince of Pan-Africanism, who got some notoriety this year for his hateful comments about the LGBT community, single Black mothers, interracial relationships and more.  Tariq Nasheed is a filmmaker  and claims he “discovered” Umar by featuring him in his documentary Hidden Colors, which was about the history of African and aboriginal peoples. Now, the two hoteps had a reality show-type falling out and they are dragging each other like they are auditioning for Andy Cohen.

It’s hard to decipher exactly how this feud started but it appears the they are both in desperate need of attention. Instead of picking up the phone like grown men should do in their forties, they decided to babble on social media. Allegedly, Tariq Nasheed and Boyce Watkins made some comments about Umar’s school. If you didn’t know, Umar is trying to start a school for Black boys and pulled a Creflo Dollar by asking for the money via a GoFundMe page. This is all while Umar is being investigated by  the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for presenting himself as a psychologist without the proper credentials. Umar drew first blood by posting this:

Tariq told Umar to “bring it” in one of many posts. Here is just one:

Tariq appears mortified that Umar is fraud. But Umar is the fraud that Tariq created so as they say on the streets, “Why you gagging though?”

Umar’s hotep rage continued and he even challenged Tariq to a fight in a boxing ring… wow, how “woke” of you, bruh.  Tariq then clapped back with a 45-minute video filled with hyper-masculine,  schoolyard rants — including randomly insulting Missy Elliot and Gabourey Sidibe. If you care to watch, see below:

Hopefully, anyone who still follows these two can realize they are both just want attention and money — as they hide behind the lie of being woke. Can we leave these two in 2017?

SOURCE: Twitter


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