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Steve Harvey (see him above, watching Keven Undergaro and Maria Menounos get married) nearly broke the Internet last night when he hosted Fox’s New Year’s Eve special. First there was his outfit, which got the comedian roasted all over social media. However, at least the comedian gave us some laughs to kick off the new year. See below:

Steve Harvey also got some heat for a random joke he made about three kids who performed. After their performance and right before going to break, the comedian said,  “Three little Black dudes singing the song better than all the White people I know!” Here is a clip:

Fox viewers were not happy race was mentioned on their New Year’s Eve special. The shock and dismay flooded Twitter.

One  user clapped back at the fake outrage:

Steve Harvey may have  had the wrong audience for this joke, but clearly Fox viewers do not know the definition of racism.  Housing discrimination lawsuits, passing policy to ruin the lives of Black and brown people, saying a Mexican judge cannot do his job because of his Mexican heritage, or being the face of the Birther movement, that would be clear examples of racism. Oh, wait — those are all things our current president has done! Steve Harvey is not using his privilege or power to oppress white people who can’t sing like “three little Black dudes.” If we have to deal with Trump, other folks can deal with a Steve Harvey joke. Happy New Year!


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