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One store clerk in Georgia was confronted with hateful slurs during her workday recently. Customer Pamela Sharma cursed and yelled “Black slave,” among other horrific terms, at clerk Alise Fowler during a dispute over a purchase at a Dollar Tree in Lawrenceville, an Atlanta suburb, that was captured on video on December 27, according to footage released by WSB-TV Thursday.

“You shut up. You’re a Black slave,” Sharma, a former teacher, shouted in the video. “That’s why Jesus wasn’t Black.”

The screaming reportedly started over where to place an item that Sharma didn’t want to purchase, Fowler said.

“She called me a ‘Black b***h,’ a ‘Black wh**e,’” Fowler said, explaining that Sharma snapped when she said that she would return the merchandise. Fowler also said that Sharma threatened to come back with a gun and shoot her, a responding officer said in a police report obtained by Law & Crime.

Somehow, the nasty hate speech didn’t translate as being racist to Sharma.

“I wasn’t racist initially and I wasn’t racist in the middle, it’s not until I became the victim of racism,” Sharma, who denied threatening Fowler, said to WSB. She claimed that Fowler yelled at her first about the item before having insulted and threatened her. She also alleged that she wasn’t acting like a racist on the premise that she has taught Black and Latino students as a teacher.

“So, I have taught at Black schools, I’ve taught at Latino schools,” Sharma said in what was perceived on social media as an ignorant comment. “Individuals who go to be an educator are not racist.”

A Dollar Tree manager said Sharma and her family were regular customers and had never started problems before. She declined to press charges against Sharma, Law & Crime reported. The case remains closed, a Gwinnett County police spokesperson said Tuesday.


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