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An Instagram user got an embarrassing lesson after the person insulted Oprah Winfrey recently. The mogul, who blew folks away with her epic Golden Globes speech, posted a video of a CBS Sunday Morning interview with Shonda Rhimes, Tracee Ellis Ross and other actresses for the #TimesUp movement on Sunday.

“This I did Monday night before the mudslides hit. #TimesUp conversation with @reesewitherspoon, @shondarhimes, @americaferrera, @traceeellisross, @nportmanofficial, Kathleen Kennedy, and Nina Shaw. Hope you’ll watch tomorrow on @CBSSundayMorning,” Oprah wrote.

One user, @aubrey.grace, wasn’t feeling Oprah’s post. She immediately told the mogul that “I don’t like you” in a message, which was later deleted.

Oprah managed to send a clever reply before the message was gone.

“@aubrey.grace then why are u here on this feed? Life is too short to follow and engage with people u don’t like. Peace out,” the OWN CEO said.

The Instagram user then responded back to Oprah, having said that she “made Oprah famous.” She also bragged about so-called hundreds of friend requests from Oprah’s fans that she rejected.

Oprah proved that she was above the pettiness. “Blessings to you,” the mogul wrote to user @aliciarhodes83. “You have dreams and life has a dream for you. Surrender to that and you’ll never be disappointed.”

The user later made her Instagram account private after the verbal sparring, which seemingly didn’t get Oprah down. The person has now learned what happens when you come for Oprah: you get owned!


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