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According to a bombshell report from The Hollywood Reporter, there is a serious wage gap between Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson, both appear on the hit sitcom Black-ish. “With negotiations for the fifth season ongoing, sources say Ellis Ross feels that if she isn’t brought up to Anderson’s level, she may opt to appear in fewer episodes to make up the disparity by guesting on another show.” THR continues, “A network source says a new deal will significantly increase her compensation and cautioned that Anderson and Ellis Ross’ roles aren’t equal given that he has been attached to Black-ish from the start and is an executive producer. Still, until a few weeks ago, this type of candid conversation would never have taken place outside an actress’ agency.”

Twitter was outraged, see below.

The other side of the discussion argued that Anthony Anderson should get paid more because he is an executive producer. That said, “significantly less” is problematic, obviously Ross wouldn’t want the executive producer salary but they should have equal pay as actors. Ross, like the classy woman that she is, released a statement about the controversy. “The words and thought that were in the original article that started this public conversation were not mine,” She added, “There were never any threats. I wish I would have been called by the reporter to confirm that.” She also said she was renegotiating for compensation that matches her contribution to the show. See below:

Hopefully, ABC, the network that airs the show, and the creators of Blac-ish will properly compensate Tracee Ellis Ross who won a Golden Globe for her performance as Rainbow Johnson. Fair is fair, especially on a show that advocates for diversity and inclusion.


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