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On e of great things about social media is that it exposes insane racists. The latest viral video does exactly this and we are damn happy a hateful woman was exposed on camera.

The Daily Mail reports a white woman in London was yelling at a Pakistan postal worker. She claims the postal worker was laughing at her and screamed, “What woman would want to look at that? Make sure you post my card, or else I’ll come back and get a refund, you fat Paki c*nt.” Paki is a term for “Pakistani,” a  British slur against people of Pakistani or Indian nationality. The woman continued,  “Go back to your own country! You’re not wanted here, you fat motherf**ker P*ki.”

You’re not wanted here? Go back to your own country? Take away the London accent and you would think this video was right here in the U.S. Watch below:

Thank you to Samrat Hanif for sharing the video. Reportedly, the staff at the post office was friendly and Hanif saw nothing that explained the woman’s outburst. “All of a sudden I heard she is screaming and immediately I started recording.” He claimed he wanted to interject but was afraid the woman would turn on him.

The post office has refused to comment  on the incident.

SOURCE:  The Daily Mail


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