A viral video shows a Karen at McDonald's in a confrontation with a Black man, whom she challenged to a fight and called "boy" while citing racist tropes.


Conservatives have accused Jasmine Crockett of suggesting Black people shouldn't pay taxes as reparations, but a video shows that's far from the truth.

Z’Kye Husain won an undisclosed settlement two years after the Black teen was wrongfully arrested for fighting at Bridgewater Commons Mall in New Jersey.

Video recorded inside the historic Morehouse College chapel purports to show a student removing an Israel flag hanging before he was publicly scolded by a professor.

The Guardian Angels group of vigilantes recently attacked a brown-skinned "migrant" who turned out to be an American citizen, and it was all recorded on video by Fox News.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk asked BLEXIT director Pierre Wilson if Black America prefers gangbanging over Donald Trump.

Race Matters

The Patriot Front marched in NYC last weekend.

Roda Osman is charged with raising thousands of dollars for an alleged assault cops doubt.

Race Matters

It showed a racial double standard, critics say.

Black old-school hairstylist @lifeintheashlane on TikTok hopped on the #oldschool trend to call out unprofessional hairstylists.


University of Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe's "Naysayers" apparel line went viral for all the wrong reasons, courtesy of ESPN.


A Black woman delivery driver for Amazon shown on video being attacked by a white woman in Texas is planning legal action and asking for help identifying “the Karen who attacked me.”