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The Butler County, Ohio cops on video punching Latinka Hancock in the face over a Big Mac were not fired after brutalizing the Black woman.

Collier Gwin, who sprayed a homeless woman with a water hose in San Francisco, was jailed after DA Brooke Jenkins secured an arrest warrant.

Collier Gwin, the man on viral video spraying water on a homeless woman in San Francisco, defended his actions and said he'd do it again.

An alleged member of the U.S. Marines reportedly named Jason Frink was identified as the man on video attacking women in a San Diego hotel. He quickly became a victim of his own circumstances.

The officer was suspended after video showed him beating a 12-year-old outside of a school.

Three men were arrested after video showed Black teens attacked at a "whites only" pool.

Southwest Airlines called Nashville airport police on travelers with canceled tickets. Viral video shows they were threatened with arrest.

A WWE-style fight broke out between employees and patrons in Texas.

Video footage shows a Winston-Salem State University student being arrested in class after a white professor called cops because the student wouldn't say sorry.

A new video from an Uber driver showing a racist attack by his passenger sparked speculation the "Karen" is not a white woman after all.

A white woman has been banned from using Uber after she launched a racist attack against her Black driver during a Karen moment on video.

The optics are damning from this clip allegedly recorded at Tennessee State University.