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Anybody remember that awkward moment when Michelle Obama received a Tiffany & Co. box gift from Melania Trump? Last years’s inauguration for Donald Trump gave endless sideeye moments, but the exchange with Melania was just weird.

Obama awkwardly took the inauguration day gift and was frantically unable to find a place to put it. The former first lady’s reaction spawned a number of funny GIFs last year—and the memes will probably start circulating on Twitter again since Obama explained recently just what the new FLOTUS had given her on that day that Black folks dreaded.

“It was a lovely frame,” Obama shares, in a sneak peek of the full interview on The Ellen Show airing Thursday.

It didn’t seem like the best day for Melania, either. First, her husband, the soon-to-be 45th president, left her hanging when he didn’t help her out the car or walk with her to greet the Obamas before the inauguration. With her gift in hand, Melania walked up to the Obamas by her lonesome, a few steps behind her husband. Obama offered an explanation of the apparent rudeness.

“Well, there’s all this protocol. I mean, this is like a state visit, so they tell you that you’re going to do this, they’re going to stand here. Never before do you get this gift, so I’m sort of like, okay,” said Obama to Ellen DeGeneres, explaining the very confused look she had on her face during the exchange captured on video.

Barack Obama stepped in to cut the tension at the end. “I’ll take care of the protocol here,” the 44th commander-in-chief told her.

If Mrs. Obama ever has another awkward exchange like this with Melania Trump, there will surely be more GIFs from Black Twitter.


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