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On Saturday, during the Atlanta Braves' World Series game against the Houston Astros, the camera found the not-so-happy couple once again and caught Melania dropping her smile and appearing to roll her eyes at Donald Trump.

Try as she may, there is at least one way in which Melania Trump cannot plagiarize her first lady predecessor Michelle Obama: Favorability.

Melania Trump and her hypocrisy strikes again.

More people may suffer due to Trump.

While Americans are suffering, Melania Trump won't even be slightly inconvenienced.

A new profile on the First Lady highlights her life before 45.

The First Lady blames everyone but her own family in new interview.


The self-proclaimed "most bullied person" in the world has taken offense to a new video from rapper T.I.

Melania Trump greeted by protesters in Africa.


Melania Trump touched down in Africa to start her inaugural solo trip to the Motherland as the first lady of the United States. See photos of her visit here.