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No Trump

The Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super Bowl crown in the team’s history by beating the New England Patriots (41-33). Every year,  the victorious team heads to the White House to commemorate the win. However, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins said this morning on CNN he will skip the visit, saying, “I personally do not anticipate attending.” He also said, “My message has been clear all year … I want to see changes in our criminal justice system. I want to see us push for economical and educational advancement in communities of color and low-income communities. And I want to see our relationship between our communities and our law enforcement be advanced.” See below:

Kudos to Jenkins for having morals and values. He clearly has more respect for the White House than Trump. #StayWoke

Horror In Italy

Due to our current cultural climate, there has been a rise in the far-right, not only in the country, but across the globe. Sadly, a shooting in Italy was a prime example — Luca Traini, 28, went on a shooting rampage that “targeted Black people.” According to The Independent, he was “suspected of shooting six Africans in a racially motivated attack in Italy and was ‘lucid and determined, aware of what he had done’ and showed no remorse, police have said.”

Reportedly,  five men and one woman were wounded in the two-hour shooting spree. The victims were from Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Mali. The shooter was allegedly  a follower of Hitler and police found Nazi memorabilia in his home. Traini, who is now in custody, is Italian, and was an unsuccessful candidate last year in a local election for the anti-migrant Northern League political party.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims. Thankfully, none of the victims died.

Nazi Elected

Iyou think a Nazi would never be elected in the United States,  think again. A 70-year-old retired insurance agent Arthur Jones

will more than likely be the Republican nominee for an Illinois congressional seat. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Jones “is a former leader of the American Nazi Party and now heads a group called the America First Committee. ‘Membership in this organization is open to any white American citizen of European, non-Jewish descent,’ he said.” He is also a Holocaust denier and the Anti-Defamation League has been monitoring him for years. More than likely, he will win the Republican nomination because no one is running against him. In November, Jones will face either Rep. Dan Lipinski, D-Ill. or Lipinski’s Democratic primary challenger, Marie Newman.

Let’s hope a Democrat wins, but as we know, if Trump was elected, anything can happen.

SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times, The Independent


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