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Trump’s hateful “shithole countries” comments about Haiti and African nations have unsurprisingly led to division in the Republic National Committee. Ada Fisher, an African-American member from North Carolina, recently denounced the president’s blistering remarks as “unhelpful” to the party on Thursday, Politico reported.

Fisher called out Trump’s comments as racist, but unfortunately, she was met with resistance within her own group during a private RNC members breakfast on Thursday.

Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel readied a strong defense of Trump based on the president’s denial of the comments. She also disputed Fisher’s point on the grounds that “differing accounts” exist about Trump’s meeting. She dealt another blow to Fisher in absolving Trump of guilt because she didn’t hear the words come out of the president’s mouth.

Members have touted a strong unity within the RNC—however, whatever solidarity may exist appears to be quickly unraveling. At this point, the group’s best course of action is damage control.

Fisher tried to turn down the heat by reserving comment after the event. “What goes on in the members-only breakfast is confidential for the members only and I will not dignify any breach of that confidence by any member with a response,” she said to Politico.

The division within the RNC is sure to be of interest to Democrats, especially as talk grows over a possible Trump impeachment. The president has rained down attacks on the Democrats, having issued another one at the RNC’s winter meeting at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Thursday night, The Hill reported. Trump mocked the Democrats “resisting” him.

Democrats may just use the dissension in the RNC to their advantage to oust Trump. Folks, stay tuned.


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