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Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and Philly native Kevin Hart called into the Quincy Harris Show with K. Foxx to talk about the Eagles and Tiffany Haddish.

Before Haddish blew up, she was a struggling comic on the grind. Kevin Hart took notice when they met backstage at a comedy club. “I asked her, ‘Where you stay?’ and she didn’t answer the question. She kept dancing around the question. And you can see in somebody’s eyes if something was wrong. I saw that and I just asked her ‘Yo, are you good?’ Her eyes were watery and without saying anything I just reached into my pocket and was like, ‘I don’t know whats going on but this is all I have and I’m hoping it can do something for you.’ She didn’t tell me what was going on. She was just very quiet and emotional,” Hart told K. Foxx.

Haddish accepted the $300. Years later, Hart found out that Haddish was living in her car at the time. She’s now a rising star in Hollywood and offered to pay him back, but he refused. Amazing story, listen to the interview below:

And of course, Kevin Hart is rooting for the Eagles!


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