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Conservatives constantly babble about “law and order” and respecting police. According to these feeble minds, peaceful protesters like Black Lives Matter or kneeling NFL players don’t respect the flag, law enforcement, or our entire country. On  the other hand,  if you are a crazy white man in Philadelphia whose head is exploding because the Eagles won the Super Bowl? Police should “relax.”

In case you missed it, here are just a couple clips of men letting out their primal, Caucasian rage on the streets of Philly last night.

On one of Fox’s vomit-inducing morning shows, a host actually said police should calm down as white men burned down Philadelphia. Brian Kilmeade said, “This is a nice celebration. This should be a time for law enforcement to relax.” See for yourself below:

As we all know, if these rioters had been been Black, they would have been tear-gassed, arrested and there may have been some dead bodies as a result of “imminent danger.” Hopefully, this “nice celebration” has subsided.


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