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Why do some Black people shamelessly pull down other Black people, all while using the language and tactics of White supremacists? That ugly spectacle was on display this week surrounding a Dallas County judicial race, according to The Dallas Morning News.

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“How to catch a Nigerian scammer? Do not vote for Chika Anyiam for Criminal Justice Court 7,” an email sent to voters on Wednesday read. “Vote for anybody else.”

Anyiam, 50, was dismayed for more than political reasons. “This is especially disappointing because it is coming from an African American,” said the defense attorney from Nigeria who has been licensed to practice law in Texas for more than 20 years.

Frederick D. Lewis, the Black person who runs the political consulting firm that sent the text, hasn’t admitted to sending the message personally. Who’s he trying to fool? Whether Lewis penned the email, doesn’t matter because it came from his firm, which makes him responsible for it by default. After finding himself in the spotlight, he stated flippantly, “What’s said, is true,” referring to Anyiam as “that girl” in telephone conversations with the newspaper.

Anyiam called the tweet “racist” for highlighting her Nigerian heritage. “My ethnicity should have nothing to do with it. If Frederick Lewis, who sent this email, or my opponents, want to criticize me for something, make it something legitimate,” she added.

Meanwhile, the White folks in the race are no doubt finding this amusing, and Black people are shaking their heads in shame over this disgraceful episode.

Anyiam has two opponents in a Democratic primary. They have denied involvement in the racist tweet. If she wins, Anyiam will face state District Judge Stephanie Fargo in November.


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