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Michael Steele was the first and only chair of the Republican National Committee from 2009 to 2011. At first, Republicans were excited to have “diversity” as the face of their problematic party. Nonetheless, Steele was attacked from the beginning, especially by Rush Limbaugh who Steele was once said was “the de facto leader of the Republican Party.” Now, over seven years later, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), communication director Ian Walters commented on Steele’s brief run as the chair of the RNC. See below:

His full comments were, “We elected Mike Steele as chairman because he was a Black guy, that was the wrong thing to do. Also, Michael Steele was in the room.

Michael Steele told The Observer, “I wanted to talk to [CPAC chair] Matt Schlapp first, but I think it’s painfully stupid what he said. If he feels that way I’d like him to come say that to my face. And then I’d like him to look at my record and see what I did. I can’t believe an official of CPAC would go onstage in front of an audience and say something like that. I’ve been a strong supporter of CPAC for many years and I thought they raised them better than that here.”  Well, believe it Michael. It doesn’t shock me at all, it shocks me that anyone would be shocked. Yes, Steele’s resume is impressive, but he had to have seen the racial resentment rising when President Barack Obama was elected. There were several Republicans in congress who even subscribed to the birther theory.


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