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Marvel’s Black Panther is destroying the box office and there is already talk of a sequel. No word on what the plot will be, but one hip hop artist is throwing his name in the mix: Kendrick Lamar.

Last week during a BBC interview, the Compton rapper revealed he wants to appear in the Black Panther sequel, saying, “I got to now!” Kendrick produced and performed several songs on the soundtrack so it is an obvious match. However, Lamar doesn’t just want a cameo in the sequel, he is looking to play the next villain. He explained, “I really enjoyed Killmonger’s character, just off the simple fact he was a villain but he came with some real. He was dropping them jewels and you got to be aware of what’s going on. He was a villain but he was love and misunderstood. If I could, I’d play a Killmonger, for sure.” The villain in the Black Panther follow-up is going to be a coveted role in Hollywood, but we’ll see if Lamar makes his big screen debut in the Ryan Coogler film.

Fans are already obsessed with the sequel, even though the film was only released 12 days ago. Here are some ideas from folks on Twitter:

We are so here for a proper return of Storm!


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