Little has been released about the direction the film would take, but the teaser shows a world dealing with the loss of their beloved King T'Challa.


No matter what projected traits we use to categorize the bank teller who called cops on Ryan Coogler, she’s just a Black woman trying to make a living in a country that conditioned her to see a Black man as an imminent threat.

Race Matters

New details in Ryan Coogler's Bank of America incident reveal that the "Black Karen" chose to call 911 because she was afraid despite the bank manager suggesting they just talk to the customer. Some on Twitter have likened her to Candace Owens.

Several past instances of racist banking practices against Black and brown customers and employees alike cost Bank of America hundreds of millions of dollars in fines well before the Ryan Coogler fiasco.


Ryan Coogler and his associates were detained in Atlanta after Coogler stopped at Bank of America to make a legal withdrawal from his account, according to a police report. A teller found Coogler suspicious after he handed her a note requesting she be discreet while counting out the $12k he was trying to withdraw.

Good News

Filmmaker Ryan Coogler has inked a production deal with Disney TV.

Good News

Ryan Coogler and his wife Zinzi Evans will produce a film based on the comic book series Bitter Root.

Ryan Coogler's film continues to break new ground.

Wakanda is even improving the lives of felines.