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T he Oscars were last night and while the show was pretty uneventful (with the exception of Tiffany Haddish!), there was some drama. E! correspondent Ryan Seacrest has been accused of sexual harassment and several celebrities refused to talk to him on the red carpet. Most celebs didn’t even address the issue, considering he is such a staple on red carpet, but Mary J. Blige did offer some support.

According to Page Six, the two-time Oscar nominee said, “I love Ryan… he’s fighting for his identity. If something is not right, something is not right — I don’t know the whole truth and I don’t know what it is and I love Ryan.” Watch the video below:

Another red carpet moment was Taraj P. Henson interview with Seacrest. The Oscar nominee said, “The universe has a way of taking care of taking care of good people,” touching his chin. “Know what I mean?”  See below:

This doesn’t seem like “shade” at all, but the Internet exploded. Henson quickly shut down the viral moment, telling, “I did it to keep his chin up. It’s an awkward position to be in. He’s been cleared, but anyone can say anything.”


Ryan Seacrest has denied all sexual harassment allegations.


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