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A new docu-series delves into the experiences of Black students who attend Ivy League institutions, WNPR reported.

Dubbed Now, In Color, the project follows six students of color who are pursuing degrees at Yale University, the news outlet writes. The series examines how Black students navigate the Ivy League world and provides new perspectives surrounding race in higher education.

Now, In Color was created by Yale student J. Joseph who says the concept for the docu-series was derived from conversations about how Black students adjust to being in predominately White spaces. Every episode is filmed in the Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale where the six students have candid conversations about their upbringings and how they adjusted to life at Yale.

Joseph says that although there are several similarities between Black students’ experiences at Ivy League schools, not all are the same and he wanted to illustrate an array of experiences through the docu-series. “The main objective is to resist a monolithic representation of blackness, and to enumerate and expand representation of black voices and black stories,” Joseph told WNPR. “The series for us continues to be our way of getting more Black stories into the world right now.” He also added that he and his co-creator Clark Burnett wanted to use this project to show African American youth Black representation in higher education.

Season two is being filmed now and both Joseph and Burnett plan on expanding Now, In Color by visiting other areas across the country and highlighting the stories of other people of color. This series comes at a time where there is a major need for racial diversity in higher education, especially at Yale. According to a 2017 College Vine study, Black students only made up only 10.8 percent of Yale’s student body.

Check out an episode from season one of Now, In Color below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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