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If you want to know how real the struggle of flying while Black can be at times, then we point you to a hellish incident that happened to Frederick Joseph, creator of the epic #BlackPantherChallenge.

In a series of tweets, Joseph detailed a crazy flight on United Airlines to NYC on Tuesday. Basically, a woman, who is described as White and was sitting next to him, put her feet up on the tray table as he was getting ready to eat. Joseph asked the woman to consider his feelings by putting her feet down, but she gave the sideeye to him.

Joseph tried to reason with the woman to put her feet down and got nowhere. Then, the woman called a flight attendant and said that Joseph was “disrupting” her flight and that she just wanted to be “comfortable.” Joseph didn’t give up and explained his position to the attendant.

The woman started arguing that if she put her feet down, she wanted some kind of “accommodation” for “accommodating” Joseph.  What happened next is bananas.

“So the flight attendant speaks to the person in-charge on the plane and they promised this woman a f**king $1000 voucher … ONE.THOUSAND. DOLLAR,” Joseph wrote on Twitter. “So I ask, ‘what voucher will I be receiving for my suffering.’ The flight attendant says ‘sir, we can only make but so many accommodations, and she has agreed to move her feet for you.’”

He then recounted the incident to a woman in customer service and got more frustrated!

Joseph pointed out that the incident was a negative experience, to no avail. Hopefully, United will find a way to address racial sensitivity training after other racially charged incidents over the last year. The company will likely have to publicly address this incident with Joseph soon.


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