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A 29-year-old woman from the Bahamas is giving the aviation industry a dose of #BlackGirlMagic. Sherrexia Rolle is the youngest person to run the largest Black-owned airline in the country, Face2Face Africa reported.

Rolle—who hails from Mastic Point, Andros—serves as Western Air’s Vice President of Operations and General Counsel, the news outlet writes. The airline—which is currently worth over $90 million—was created by her parents Rex and Shandrice Rolle 17 years ago. Cognizant of the fact that many people living in the Bahamas had limited access to travel, the Rolle’s decided to start the business. Building a business from the ground up was no easy journey for the couple. They had to go through hurdles when dealing with aviation brokers. The hard work and dedication that Sherrexia witnessed her parents put into Western Air is what motivates her to want to continue to grow the brand.

“My parents were eventually fortunate enough through faith, their persistence and dedication in their business plan to [receive offers] from two aviation investors from the U.S. From that moment moving forward, Western Air Limited was a dream that is now a reality,” she said in an interview, according to the news outlet. She says that her team is always fine-tuning different aspects of the business—like arrival and departure times—in efforts to ensure that they are providing the best service. Rolle also added that she’s currently working on growing the airline’s digital presence.

Western Air now offers flights to Jamaica, Haiti, and Cuba and plans on adding more routes. The Rolle family is the epitome of #BlackExcellence.


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