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On  April 9, 2017 in Trenton, New Jersey, Chanzie Washington allegedly led cops on a car chase and then ran on foot. When the police caught him, Washington was brought to the ground, and was then punched several times by three different police officers: Drew Inman, Antony Villanueva and  Mark Kieffer III.  Inman and Kieffer III are white and  Villanueva  is Hispanic.

One part of the video shows Inman punching the suspect before bragging to the person recording the video, saying, “I beat the living sh*t”– he stops when the other officer points to his body camera.

See the graphic footage below:

According to Trentonianthe Trenton Police Department is setting up the Hispanic cop, Officer Anthony Villanueva, “as the sole fall guy” and “Villanueva was placed on restricted duty within a week, but Inman remained on the streets for more than a month before being placed on restriction.” As of last month, Villanueva was suspended without pay.  Inman is still on restricted duty and Kieffer III  is on the streets. An anonymous cop from the department told Trentonian that the police department is “painting Anthony as the villain.”

Villanueva has hired an attorney who said, “I’ve already made plans to defend him on these charges, but there’s no sense putting on my battle gear before the battle starts. I believe that if my client gets a fair hearing he won’t be charged.”

Sounds like Villanueva was under the misconception that police solidarity may is the same if you are a person of color.


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