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The beauty in gardening isn’t in the harvest, but in the process of watching a seed grow from a sprout to blooming into a flower, and ultimately, producing the fruit of the gardener’s labor.

Growing up on a farm 30 minutes from the factory floors of Detroit, Betti Wiggins, nutritional officer of Houston Schools Independent District, gained an appreciation for a different set of plants. However, it was in the garden of her first home in Detroit, that inspired her to bring her passion to the classroom.

“My next-door neighbor’s grandson saw me planting seeds in my garden and came over to ask me what I was doing. I told him I was planting a watermelon,” said Wiggins. “He said ‘you’ve got it wrong,’ watermelons don’t come out of the ground – they come from Kroger. That’s when I knew that we had a problem in our schools and I was determined to change that.”

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