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Fort Worth police were caught, once again, on video in a brutal arrest of a Black person.

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Police officials urged calm and patience on Monday while they conduct a use of force investigation of the officers who punched and kicked Forrest Curry, 35, while he was pinned to the ground on Saturday, NBC News reported.

Officers from the department have a history of using excessive force against African-Americans.

On March 22, a video was made public in which a White off-duty officer, who was working as a hospital security guard, assaulted a Black man in an arrest. Officer Jon Preston Romer was indicted on charges of official oppression, aggravated perjury and making a false report to a police officer in connection with the 2016 incident.

In another case, a video went viral that showed a Fort Worth White officer wrestling a Black mother to ground before she and her two daughters were arrested. The mother, Jacqueline Craig, initially called the police because she was having a dispute with her White neighbor. Here’s what that arrest looked like:

The details of what led to the arrest of Curry were not immediately clear, according to the Dallas Morning News. But firefighters, responding to an ambulance call, requested police assistance to deal with him because he was being combative, the police said.

Curry was allegedly intoxicated, something his attorney denied. He ran when the police arrived. Officers caught up with Curry three blocks away and wrestled him to the ground, where he was beaten while they tried to handcuff him.

“They was telling him to put your hands behind your back and let us cuff you or whatever but how they had him they couldn’t cuff him and then they was just kicking him all in his ribs and stuff and they said the reason why it happened was because he hit the EMT but I feel like that’s not a reason to hit on somebody,”  witness Quinisha Johnson told NBC.

Officers arrested Curry for public intoxication, evading arrest, resisting arrest and local warrants. Curry suffers from seizures, according his attorney, Jasmine Crockett, who added that he experienced a seizure before and possible during the arrest.

Footage from the arrest follows below.


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