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On March 31, at about 8:40 p.m., approximately three dozen protesters surrounded sheriff’s department patrol vehicles that pulled up as people were marching in memory of Stephon Clark, the 22-year-old Black man who was unarmed when Sacramento police gunned him down on March 18.

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After sounding its siren, one of the vehicles slowly drove away. A second vehicle hit Wanda Cleveland, 61, as she walked toward a curb. The deputy didn’t stop to say anything to her. Instead, the driver abruptly accelerated, leaving the activist injured in the street, according to The Sacramento Bee. Footage has been released of the attack, see below and we should warn you, it is graphic.

Thankfully, Wanda Cleveland survived, telling the Sacramento Bee, “It was a hit-and-run. If I did that, I’d be charged. It’s disregard for human life. … He had to have known he hit me. I went flying through the air.”

The sheriff’s office admitted that the hit-and-run happened, referred to it as “a collision” with “a protester,” avoiding the issue of the deputy failing to stop.

Cleveland is recuperating at home from her injuries, which include bruises on her arm and the back of her head. The activist is a regular attendee at Sacramento City Council and county Board of Supervisor meetings, according to The Bee. Cleveland is best known for advocating for the homeless — not “jumping on top of a cop car,” her friend Ashley Crabtree told the newspaper.

We are sending are well wishes to Wanda. We hope she gets better soon and we hope the cop who nearly killed her will be properly punished.


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