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The fourth episode of season 2 of Lexus’ #0To60 challenge finds our contestants all tied up as both teams continue to compete for both bragging rights as well as a free Lexus for a year. This time around they’re driving in two more events, including the Slide & Slalom challenge, which at first glance could be confused for a scene out of the “Fast & Furious” film franchise.

Host Big Tigger called it “a short and intense skills test” that includes tricky maneuvers like a 180 and could result in points being taken away for violating some of the race’s strict rules. The combination of the two meant that the drivers’ competitive juices were flowing more than ever as they were driving to earn points for the team as well as individually.

This time, Team Pruett’s Tia Norfleet, a pro race car driver, squared off against Team Hawksworth’s J.D. Williams, aka Bodie on The Wire, in the first heat. The second heat featured actor Keith Robinson for Team Hawksworth driving against actor Lamman Rucker for Team Pruett. They were all behind the wheel of a Lexus RC F.

Spoiler alert: Just because there were no wrecks doesn’t mean there were no mishaps.

Watch the entire episode above.