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This episode takes a look at all the bloopers and silly moments that didn’t make the final cut, adding some comedic relief to what have been at times tense moments of intense car racing in #Lexus0To60.

Viewers get to see some of the more lighthearted moments shared by both teams as well as host Big Tigger, replete with wild antics galore and silly frivols on the race track.

Watch some of the funny outtakes by Carmelita as well as Lamman’s unique choice of driving gear that he just can’t get behind the wheel without wearing.

There are also the moments from the “confessional,” where drivers share a moment in confidence alone with the camera to speak about their experiences driving the vast selection of Lexus automobiles. Drivers also “confessed” who has impressed them the most as well as what’s most enjoyable about driving and racing.

Viewers finally learn who had the top speed driving, and just how fast that looks from inside of the car. Spoiler alert: Someone drove faster than 160 miles per hour at one point.

Tigger even gets into the racing fun.

Think you can do better? Watch until the end to find out how you can get a chance to drive the Lexus cars that all the drivers raced in.