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A Black commissioner who spoke up against a man’s racist rant full of N-Words was slammed at a Georgia commission meeting recently.

The horrible scene unfolded when Larry Johnson, a former Griffin, Georgia commissioner who is White, approached the podium at the Griffin City Commission meeting on March 28. Johnson couldn’t stop using the racist slur when he spoke on a recent proclamation that actually named April as Confederate History Month in the city, Atlanta’s 11 Alive reported.

When commissioner Rodney Mccord called out Johnson over the offensive comments, someone rebuked him. Now, the commission is facing major backlash for shushing the man after he stood up against hate.

The meeting seemingly went left when Johnson recalled a previous allegation about Mccord not standing for the American flag. He responded to Mccord by wearing a Confederate belt buckle, according to 11 Alive. He then brought up an alleged conversation with Mccord when the two served on the board together.

“I told you at that time that there were white folks and there were black folks when I was growing up,” Johnson said. “There was white trash, my family, and there was n*****town and I lived next to n*****town.”N*****town, son, I’m telling you.”

Johnson continued: “Now, I’ve changed. I’m no longer called white trash and they’re no longer called that.”

Mccord, who was obviously upset, tried to respond to Johnson, a video of the meeting revealed. But he was stopped quickly by the commission’s chairman, Douglas Hollberg, who gives the floor back to Johnson.

After a few moments, Mccord attempted to speak up again before he was stopped by Hollberg. But the commissioner still dropped thoughtful commentary about Johnson’s hurtful slurs.

“I’m not going to sit here and let this man use that time of language,” Mccord said. “And, if nobody else is offended, then I am.”

Mccord continued: “Now, if y’all want to clap and think that that’s OK for this gentleman to stand in 2018 and get here at the board of city commission meeting – 2018 – the Civil War is over and he is using the n-word not once, not twice – three times. And he just continues to say it without worrying about who it offends.”

Watch the shocking video below.


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