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Folks sounded the alarm on Jeff Sessions and his racist history in San Francisco recently. The U.S. attorney general’s attempted rollback of civil rights protections for people of color was the subject of a new lawsuit against Sessions filed Thursday, The Hill reported.

Trump’s administration was “trying to gut protections for the poor, people of color and people with disabilities under the guise of regulatory reform,”  San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said in the suit.

Six of the 25 different legal memos about civil rights guidelines that Sessions rescinded in December were named in the filing, Reuters reported.

The dozens of documents which provide legal guidance were created in the 1990s. Sessions declared that the papers were “unnecessary, inconsistent with existing law, or otherwise improper.”

Repealing the documents would end “the long-standing abuse of issuing rules by simply publishing a letter or posting a web page,” Sessions said.

However, the reasons for the AG’s decision were not thoroughly explained, the lawsuit said. The Department of Justice under Sessions had failed to allow public comment before rescinding the documents.

One document was also a directive for state and local governments on helping disabled employees integrate into the workplace, Reuters reported. The guidance protected the disabled from discrimination and complied with the Supreme Court decision on the Americans with Disabilities Act. San Francisco’s suit also sheds light on this rollback of protections for disabled individuals.

Another document gave detailed instructions on how “hazardous it was” for juveniles to be given fines from local governments that were hard to pay. San Francisco officials and advocates want Sessions to know that doing away with the protections that put civil rights in place for different groups is not recommended. Many activists have agreed with the danger of civil rights repeals.


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