The computer-animated series Spy Kids: Mission Critical is hits Netflix on Friday. The ten episodes will follow attendees at Spy Kids Academy, which is a top secret school for kid agents. The kids have to save the world against an evil force known as S.W.A.M.P. (Sinister Wrongdoers Against Mankind’s Preservation) and their leader, Golden Brain. The series including one Black male character, known as PSI, but the actor who is voicing the character, Travis Turner, is white .

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TMZ asked Turner if he was worried about receiving backlash for voicing a Black character. His response? The 31-year-old said, “If they want they can say whatever. I actually come from an urban background. I lived in motels. What I’m trying to say, I relate to the urban community.” Motels? Urban background? But it gets worse, he also said he worked with Snoop Dog and “sponsored Black kids.” Oh, and he grew up all Chris Rock and Chris Tucker. Yep, Travis has all things Black figured out.

Watch the insanity below::

Well, we can’t completely blame this vapid actor. Why did the studio decide to have this motel living white man voice a Black character? There are plenty of Black voice actors who need work. That said, Travis is clearly in a deep, offensive delusion if he thinks he gets a Black pass because he worked with Snoop Dogg or lived in a motel.

The Spy Kids franchise began in 2001 and spawned four movies. With these comments, Mr. Turner might have ruined the Netflix series before it even started. Check out the trailer below. Do you hear his motel living, urban experience in PSI?


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